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The Secretariat

The NSW AECG Inc. Secretariat is located in Stanmore. The Secretariat plays a vital role as it endeavours to provide a professional service an support to all levels of our organisation. Currently the Secretariat is made up of:

Cindy Berwick: President

Desmond Barton: Relieving Executive Officer

Sherie Manesis: Relieving Executive Assistant to the President

Sherri Longbottom: Manager: Finance and Administration

Dr. Shayne Williams: Consultant: Language and Culture

Joseph Cavanagh: Project Officer: Policy and Media

Wallula Munro: Project Officer: Design and Communication

Melinda Brown: Project Officer: Network

Warren Bridges: Project Officer: Youth Programs

John McGregor: Project Officer: Languages

Tara Ryan: Administration Officer

Rebecca McHugh: Administration Officer (Part-Time)

Kyara Nean: Administration and Early Childhood Educator