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Process for AECG Endorsement

  • The person/group seeking endorsement must extend an invitation to Local AECG’s to participate in the initial development of any policies; programs, papers, research, DVD’s resources etc.
  • Those seeking endorsement must present their initiative to the Local AECG prior to commencement.
  • If these initial phases are not adhered to then the endorsement process will not continue.
  • Reporting back to Local AECG, by those seeking endorsement must be continuous throughout the development.
  • Local AECG’s may endorse the initiative and may present the initiative to a Regional meeting, accompanied by Local AECG meeting minutes, for regional endorsement.
  • Regional AECG’s requesting State AECG endorsement must provide a letter of support from Local and Regional AECG with minutes attached to final written up initiative seeking to be endorsed.
  • The endorsement committee made up from members of the Association management committee will meet regularly to review initiatives seeking state endorsement.