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Pemulwuy Newsletters

Pronounced: “Pem-ool-we”

The newsletter has been called Pemulwuy in honour of one of the first Aboriginal people known to have resisted the invasion of Australia.

Pemulwuy and his son, Tedbury, were both outlawed while leading resistance to the invasion for 20 years after 1788.  They led a form of guerilla warfare right around the area of modern Sydney and were perhaps the first Aboriginal people to resist attacks on their culture and identity.

Our newsletters are produced quarterly. Below are some of our past newsletters:

Download Here: Pemulwuy – December 2017

  Download Here: Pemulwuy – June 2017

Download Here:  Pemulwuy – March 2017
pemulwuyjuly2016-cover Download Here: Pemulwuy – July 2016

FINAL_Pemulwuy_April2016_-1Download Here: Pemulwuy – April 2016

Pemulwuy_Jan2016_CoverDownload Here: Pemulwuy – January 2016

pemulwuy_web_oct2015-1 Download Here: Pemulwuy – October 2015

pemulwuy_april2015_online-1 Download Here: Pemulwuy – April 2015

pemulwuy_jan2015-1 Download Here: Pemulwuy – January 2015

pemulwuy__oct2014_website-1 Download Here: Pemulwuy – October 2014