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Life Membership

Life Membership of the Association can be awarded in two (2) categories:

  • Full Life Membership and
  • Associate Life Membership

One (1) Full Life Membership and one (1) Associate Life Membership will be awarded annually. Life Memberships will be decided by the Association Management Committee (AMC) and awarded on consideration of nominations made. Life Memberships will be awarded at the AGM of the Association, or as otherwise determined by the Association Management Committee.

Requirements for Full & Associate Life Membership Nomination forms
Full Life Membership: Completed form with a 1–2 page statement from the Local describing all of the AECG community/volunteer work – not job related, the nominee has done, and they must also have been an active Full Financial member for 10 consecutive years minimum.
Associate Life Membership: Completed form with a 1-2 page statement that identifies all of the support given the local Aboriginal students, community in partnership with Local AECG, advocacy and passion for Aboriginal Education and their active Financial membership of a Local AECG for 10 consecutive years minimum.

Current Life Members and Associate Life Members as of 2023: 

* NSW AECG Inc. Life Member that has passed on.

Please note that the list is not in order of when Life Membership was awarded.

Full Life MemberAssociate Life Member
Muriel Vale*Pat Cavanagh
Joyce Woodberry *Dianne Ingrey
Jimmy French *John Weingarth
Evelyn Crawford *Bill Rose *
Olive Mitchell *Lyn Hall
John LesterTim Hornibrook *
Bertha Kapeen*Warren Grimshaw
Bob MorganCheryle Hughes
Mavis Robinson*Jan Allam
Barbara Keeley-SimmsMargaret Saunders
Pam KoenemanMargaret Cranny
Janny Ely*Shirley Murphy
Susan MatthewsMargaret Burke
Lyn Maree Williams *Peter Baum
Mary DuxsonCathie Burgess
Millie IngramJoy Kingsford
Keith HallJohn Picton
Linda BurneyBarbara Radford
Janine Williams *Lyn Rummery
Delma Davison *Leanne Courtney
Lyn StewartEllen Bax
Bev SimonDeb Dibley
Vilma RyanDiane Fetherstone
Dave Ella
Alma Bates-Hannah
Clair Bates
Faith Saunders *
Jackie McDonald
Debbie Cook
David Hoskins *
Mary Lou Buck
David Kelly
Nellie Mooney
Mary Button-Campbell
John Heath
Marlene Hoskins
Ruth Simms
Davina Tyrrell
Pat Lester
Ann Thomas *
Patricia Ellis *
Tom French
Anne Dennis
Jenny Trindall
Jenny Wright *
Gordon Nean*
Bill Newman *
Abel Morgan *
Jenny Robinson
Beryl Carmichael
Sara Morgan *
Deseleen Morgan
Ron Jackson *
Margret Campbell
Mary Mohammed *
Mark Morgan
Steve Ruttley
Bruce Kendall ** (posthumously)
Carol Kendall *
Trish Leverett
Agnes Towney *
Linda Smith *
Ossie Stewart
Jim Stanley *
Hazel Rhodes*
Linda Olive
Nita Roberts
Pat Doolan
Lesley Armstrong
Michael Donovan
Jenny Ronning
Leigh Ridgeway
Gail Simpson
Tom Flanders
Lois Birk
Catherine Trindall
Roslyn McGregor
Christine Morgan
Karen Keers
Brooke Roach
Cindy Berwick ** (posthumously)

Acknowledgement of Country

The NSW AECG Inc. acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners of this nation. We also acknowledge past, present and emerging Elders  and the continuation and celebration of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should also be aware that this website may contain images or names of people who have passed away.