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Junior AECG

The Junior AECG (JAECG) is a student committee that is established by a Local AECG (LAECG) and functions as an independent subcommittee of their LAECG. The establishment and purpose of Junior AECGs works within the Aims and Objectives of the Association. Junior Membership is open to Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal students aged between ten (10) and eighteen (18) years of age. Throughout the year JAECG representatives will be invited to their LAECG committee meeting to share and report on JAECG activities within their school. It is also an opportunity for the JAECG to receive support and guidance from their LAECG and community. The LAECGs will then update the Regional AECG on the development and achievements of the JAECG. The JAECG committee is made up of elected Executive Committee and members. It is encouraged that Aboriginal Students hold executive positions.  

Student Voice  

The JAECG committee is a platform that gives students a voice and agency within their school community. Student voice is when students actively participate in the decision-making at school on things that shape their educational experiences. 

Supporting Aboriginal students’ voices, having their ideas and opinions considered, establishes a student’s sense of belonging, positive relationships with teachers and peers and acknowledges their diverse and unique cultural identity. The JAECG collaborating with the school community is a consultative process which allows for stronger representation of Aboriginal Cultures throughout the school environment. 

Acknowledgement of Country

The NSW AECG Inc. acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners of this nation. We also acknowledge past, present and emerging Elders  and the continuation and celebration of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should also be aware that this website may contain images or names of people who have passed away.