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Roles and Responsibilities of Executive

The NSW AECG Inc Aboriginal Management Committee (AMC) are elected annually and represent the Association at a State level.

Every year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) the Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 5 members are elected by representatives from our Regional Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups and Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups.

The President of the NSW AECG Inc is elected at the AGM every 3 years and plays a dual function role leading both the AMC and the State Secretariat.

  • President
  • Catherine Trindall
  • Vice President
  • Leigh Ridgeway
  • Secretary
  • Narelle Daniels
  • Treasurer
  • Anne Dennis
  • Member
  • Tom Flanders
  • Member
  • Melinda Brown
  • Member
  • Lesley Armstrong
  • Member
  • Ken Weatherall
  • Member
  • Julie Street-Smith