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About the AECG

The NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc. is a non for profit Aboriginal organisation that provides advice on all matters relevant to education and training with the mandate that this advice represents the Aboriginal community viewpoint.

The NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc. promotes respect, empowerment and self-determination and believes the process of collaborative consultation is integral to equal partnership and is fundamental to the achievement of equality.

The NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc. advocates cultural affirmation, integrity and the pursuit of equality to ensure that the unique and diverse identity of Aboriginal students is recognised and valued.

Structure of the NSW AECG Inc.

The primary role of the NSW AECG Inc. is to promote active participation by Aboriginal people in the consultative and decision making process of education and training related matters.

Our strong member base is key to the organisation being the peak advisory body regarding Aboriginal Education and Training at both State and Commonwealth levels. As a wholly volunteer based organisation, our key focus is ‘community first’; the educational rights of Aboriginal people in NSW being our driving force.

The NSW AECG Inc. has local, regional and state network that enables effective communication allowing Aboriginal community viewpoint to be echoed throughout the organisation.


Local AECGs

All the members of local communities can become members of the local AECG but only Aboriginal adults (18 years and over) can vote and hold office bearers’ positions. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer make up the local AECG Executive. Other members make up the local committee. Meetings of the local AECG’s shall be held at least three times a year at a venue, date and time to be decided upon by the members.

Regional AECGs

A nominated number of elected members (3 or 4) of each local AECG make up the Regional AECG but meetings are open to anybody. Only the two elected delegates can vote and hold office bearers’ positions. Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Regional Rep make up the Regional Committee.

AECG State Committee

All 20 regional Reps plus the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Association. Meets two times a year.


Plus 5 State Committee members – meet minimum 4 times a year.

Office Bearers

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure and State executive members. They are elected annually at the Council meeting. President’s term of office is for three years, all other office bearers are for a one year period.


Meets once a year for the AGM; all delegates who attend the meeting are to be financial members of the Association.

The Delegates of the AGM shall be the:

  1. Office Bearers (4)
  2. All Regional Reps each Region (20)
  3. Three other Delegates from each of the twenty Regional AECGs operating in accordance with the rules (54)

Voting at the AGM shall therefore be limited to the representative group of (78) people in person, or by proxy.

Acknowledgement of Country

The NSW AECG Inc. acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners of this nation. We also acknowledge past, present and emerging Elders  and the continuation and celebration of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should also be aware that this website may contain images or names of people who have passed away.