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Engaging with Aboriginal Communities

This is a one day professional development programme and is QTC registered professional development for teachers.

Session 1: Culture
If you are going to liaise effectively with Aboriginal families and communities you need to develop
your understanding of culture. In this session you will learn about the Aboriginal cultures of NSW,
which are founded on spiritual systems of knowledge that define identity and the day-to-day
dynamics of family and community.

Session 2: Family
Learning about culture is a first step toward developing your understanding of the Aboriginal
peoples of NSW. To further your understanding you need to gain insight into the multi-generational
consequences of colonisation, paternalism and the welfare system in the lives of Aboriginal peoples
of NSW. In this session you will learn how colonisation, protectionism and welfare have negatively
impacted Aboriginal family.

Session 3: Community
Culture and family are the backbone of community. The Aboriginal communities of NSW will not
function to their fullest potential if culture and Country are not healthy. Strengthening families
and communities through culture in NSW is not straightforward. In this session you will learn about
the cultural issues that Aboriginal families and communities face, and how this impacts day-to-day
community life and identity.

Session 4: Communication
Once you have developed a sense of interconnection between culture, family, community and identity
you will be well positioned to offer positive input into the lives of the Aboriginal peoples of
NSW. To ensure that you are effective you will also need to develop your understanding of cultural
communication. In this session you will learn about the verbal and non-verbal intricacies of
Aboriginal English and the integral role Aboriginal English has as the language of community.

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Upcoming Courses

15 May 2018 – Kempsey (Venue TBC)

24 May 2018 – Stanmore   EWAC Flyer24 May 2018    EWAC Registration Form Stanmore 24.5.2018

12 June 2018 Deniliquin/Moama (TBC)

6 July 2018 – Tamworth  EWAC-Flyer-6-July-2018    EWAC-Registration-Form-Tamworth-6.7.2018

26 July 2018 Kiama (TBC)

7 August 2018 Merimbula (TBC)