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Month: November 2020

Aboriginal Students Poster & Multimedia Competition

Secondary students are invited to develop, create and submit a poster or multimedia piece reflecting the key messages to support Premier’s Priority. The competition is open to all public schools and high schools. The aim is to launch the winning student(s) works by the end of 2020.

Underpinning this promotion is the need for more young Aboriginal men and women to stay at school. Since COVID, sadly, more young Aboriginal people have not returned to school or have missed too many days of education.

We know that staying at school until the end of Year 12 will significantly increase both life expectancy, life-wellbeing and lead to greater life opportunities.┬áLand, family, law/lore, ceremony and language are five key interconnected elements of Aboriginal culture. We know that a young Aboriginal person’s sense of identity is shaped in these vital years of education.

Please refer to the link below for all the competition details.