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Aboriginal Sites


This resource contains the Aboriginal Sites DVD and 6 Aboriginal Sites laminated cards with guiding questions.

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History (New Syllabus)
Stage 1 – The Past in the Present
Stage 2 – Community and Remembrance
Stage 2 – First Contacts
Stage 4 – Investigating the Ancient Past – Depth Study 1

Geography (New Syllabus)
Early Stage 1 – People Live in Places Stage 1 – Features of Places
Stage 1 – People and Places
Stage 2 – The Earth’s Environment
Stage 2 – Places are Similar and Different Stage 4 – Landscapes and Landforms

Stage 4 – Earth and Space

Aboriginal Studies 7 – 10
Core Content and Options

Aboriginal Studies 11 – 12 (Preliminary Course)
Aboriginality and the Land
Heritage and Identit

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