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Kamilaroi students in global fight for sacred trees

Collarenebri Central School and Walgett Community College communities’ work to reclaim stolen artefacts sacred to their people.

Collarenebri Central School and Walgett Community College students, staff and community members will share the story of their connection to Collarenebri’s sacred carved trees with an international audience tonight.
Gaaguuwiya dhawunga – ‘Bring back home is a heartfelt documentary made by students about the carved trees of the traditional Banarway Bora ground near Collarenebri.
Local AECG President and the Community College’s Senior Leader, Ros McGregor, has worked for 15 years with students, bringing their cultural knowledge of the sacred trees into a contemporary context.
After learning the recent history of the destruction, theft and removal of 52 sacred carved trees from Collarenebri in 1949, young Kamilaroi students have now become advocates for the return of the trees, which are held in museums and private collections around the world.